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  • Culver City, CA, USA
  • 3108894602

Email: karen.ricard@gmail.com

Highest Degree Earned: Bachelor Degree

College(s) or University(s) Attended: University of California, Berkeley (Political Science)

Occupation: Legal

I am a UC Berkeley grad with experience to provide your children (ages preschool, kindergarten and middle school) with focused, enthusiastic home work instruction and guidance. I am available to offer tutoring in my home or in your home.

I am very patient and encouraging with the ability to tutor in the following areas:

Language Arts/English
-Essay Writing, Grammar, and Usage
-Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama

History and Geography (US; Western Civilization; World)

Visual Arts
-Art History

Math (up to pre-algebra.)

Science (up to 7th grade — classifying living things, cell structure, anatomy, life cycle)

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