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Hello and Welcome to TutorEgg.com!

TutorEgg.com is a business created by Educators who saw a grave need.  In the midst of the economic crises of 2008, we saw, personally, our extremely talented fellow educators and friends receive layoff notices and lose their jobs resulting from cuts in funding to education.  As educators, we knew that our colleagues needed an opportunity to realize their passion and continue to have the opportunity to do what they love……teach!

In speaking with other colleagues and professionals, we immediately recognized that there are individuals from ALL PROFESSIONS, who have the talent, skill, ability, and the desire to offer their own tutoring services and to increase their income while tutoring students and making a difference in their lives.

At the same time, we remember, as children, working with wonderful tutors who provided us with the individualized instruction that we  needed to become the educators that we are today.   As classroom teachers, each of us were aware of the ways in which students could benefit from working with a tutor.

As we began to speak with individuals who were interested in tutoring, they made it clear to us that what they needed was a simple, convenient way to market their services and to connect with students.

As we spoke with students and parents searching to find tutors for their children, they made it clear that what they needed was a safe and simple way to find a quality tutor.

We are dedicated to providing a venue for tutors and students to connect, and we are honored to provide that service.

Happy Tutoring!

 ~The TutorEgg Team~

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